We have hand picked some of the unique case studies amongst the others, which talk about specific requirements of the client, records in terms of delivery time, safety, customisation and last but not the least uber rich quality that sustains harsh environmental conditions.


Amazon is a name which is synonymous with online shopping. Amazon has extensive background facilities and networks to cater to their ever-increasing size of operations. They have large multi-tier storage warehouses and the flow of materials to and from these multiple levels is a crucial part of their operations.

Amazon has partnered with us pan-India for supplying and maintaining Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRC) in their major facilities ever since their fledging days in India back in 2013-14. There is a high probability that a parcel delivered to you from Amazon has travelled on one of our VRCs in their vast Distribution Centers.

This partnership with Amazon has been a catalyst for our growth both technologically and operationally. The customized solution required by Amazon has resulted in a control system design which is rated very highly in terms of safety and efficiency. Moreover, the VRCs are ready to be integrated with Amazon’s internal Warehouse Management System.

We have installed about 300 large size high speed VRCs in Amazon facilities all over India. These VRCs are operating continuously for about 20 hours for about 325 days in a year with 95% plus uptimes. The trust factor between our companies depends on the fact that we have always honored timely deliveries, installations and prompt service including dedicated service teams for Amazon peak sales periods.


Divis Laboratories is a large manufacturer of pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediaries based out of Telangana. Divi’s laboratories manufacturing plants work with chemicals and other flammable substances and therefore fire or explosion hazard risks are very high. Moreover, almost all of their manufacturing facilities are located in coastal areas.

Divis Laboratories requires VRCs for transportation of chemical drums and other similar items. Due to the hazards mentioned earlier, Divis requires a very specific technical design with highest fire and explosion safety ratings. Additionally, with almost all the VRCs located outdoors and in coastal areas, special design considerations have to be taken.

We have supplied over 100 VRCs to Divis all over India. Inspite of all technical and environmental challenges, there are VRCs which are over 15 years old operating smoothly. Our customized solutions adhering to Divi’s Laboratories’ unique requirements have reposed their faith in us.


Royal Enfield is classic motorcycle brand which has expanded exponentially ever since the brand’s revival decade or so ago. It is primarily based in Tamil Nadu with three major manufacturing facilities.

We have been associated with Royal Enfield since the revival it’s brand and have sold around 100 VRCs to various departments within Royal Enfield such as the Engine Shop, Spares Parts Unit and the Finished Goods warehouse.

Our customized solutions have aided Royal Enfield in solving a variety of problems and technical requirements. For example, when they wanted a pit-less and ramp-less VRC, our engineers developed such a design specially for Royal Enfield.


MRF is one of the largest tire manufacturers in India. MRF has a very strict policy of safeguarding human safety in all of their operations. Therefore, when an application came up to transport pallets of raw materials to upper floors of a manufacturing facility, they approached us for a solution.

In line with MRF’s requirement of high safety standards, we successfully installed over 10 fully automated VRCs all over India. Fully automated VRCs restrict human interaction with machines and therefore eliminate safety hazards to humans.

In another interesting application, we have also supplied canteen VRCs or Dumb-waiters to MRF to facilitate transport of extremely hot food items on special trolleys, thereby again eliminating human safety hazards of carrying hot food items on the stairs.


Mahindra and Mahindra is one of the largest Indian home-grown manufacturers of automobiles and the brand is a household name. Mahindra has a vast portfolio of products ranging from farm equipment like tractors to passenger cars.

Employees at Mahindra are very knowledgeable in their domain. The Mahindra technical team has always been very specific with their requirements. These requirements are usually in response to a specific problem faced by them.

Our customized VRC solutions have catered to every such technical requirement made by the Mahindra technical team as a result of which we have supplied VRCs to a diverse range of companies under the Mahindra group.