Sostrene Grene,launched in Denmark in 1973 was the first Discount Store in Denmark. This is a very interesting story on how they kept pace with the growing demands of the market in the same facility.

Emptying more than 300 containers each year is something of a challenge. Especially when the goods are loose-loaded to ensure that every square centimeter of the container is utilized to its utmost. Tightly packed boxes of various sizes and weights need to be categorized and moved into the storage area.

Sostrene Grene wanted to create a state-of-the-art storage and distribution center when they built new facilities in 2006. Caljan Rite-Hite were asked to advise on the optimal way to unload containers.

Often there are over 1,000 boxes of exotic items in each container. Some boxes are rather heavy. For example kidney shaped deck brushes – a box of which weighs 14.8 kg. In keeping with their business concept, Sostrene Grene wanted to provide the best possible working conditions for their employees. This means that containers must be unloaded ergonomically and with a minimum of effort.

Growth in capacity is expected, preferably without increasing the number of employees, so effectivity is also an issue.

Aesthetics are important to Sostrene Grene, which is certainly reflected in the clean, light and airy 4000 m2 storage facility. This means that the conveyor should be reasonably compact and tidy when not in use.

Caljan Rite-Hite suggested that Sostrene Grene install a Caljan BeltTrack with four sections. With an extendibility of 14.7 meters, this telescopic conveyor can reach into all types of container and truck. A droop snoot fitted to the head of the conveyor enables the operator to adjust the height of the belt to suit, so that unnecessary lifting is avoided.

Although some 300 containers are unloaded each year, 50 - 60% of this number arrive at the premises during a short period in the summer months. To cope with peak periods, Caljan Rite-Hite suggested that the conveyor be fi tted on rails so that it can traverse from door to door. This feature means that when one container is unloaded, the conveyor can be moved to the next door with little effort and in a very short time.

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