These application questions are framed in order to convenience our customer to arrive at his specific needs. We suggest that all customers should go through these questions, so that it is much easier for us to give a more detailed response if all the required data from the customer is available.

1. What is the intended application for the telescopic conveyor.

Loading / Unloading / Both.


2. What is the type of loading dock that the conveyor will cater to?

a. Indoor / Outdoor dock.
b. Height of the dock.
c. How much space available for telescopic conveyor behind dock.


3. Specifications of Vehicles that will be using the dock.

a. Vehicle Length.
b. Trailer Size.
c. Trailer dimensional specifications: height from ground, width, trailer height.
d. Distance of rear axle from edge of trailer.


4. Size and Weight of the product to be handled.

a. Minimum length, breath, height and weight of product.
b. Maximum length, breadth, height and weight product.


5. What are the operations I intend to carry out post-unloading.

Inline barcode readers/ RF ID tags/ sortation systems.


6. What are the accessories I require with my telescopic conveyor.

Hydraulic elevation controls / Powered Carriage / Vacuum Assist Device / Barcode Scanner / Product Counter / Store-Feed Function.


7. What is my objective in considering a telescopic conveyor.

Manpower saving / Reduction in Vehicle Turnaround time / Product and Operator Safety.


Kindly contact us for any additional information.

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