These application questions are framed in order to convenience our customer to arrive at his specific needs. We suggest that all customers should go through these questions, so that it is much easier for us to give a more detailed response if all the required data from the customer is available.

1. What is my objective is considering conveyors as an option. Is the general layout of the conveyors system been finalized.


2. What type of Conveyor do I require.

Belt / Roller / Slat / Chain / Others.


3. Does the conveyor system require any system integration.


4. What is the material to be handled.

a. Material to be handled.
b. Material is in bulk form or packaged form.
c. Bulk Density of material: Loose / compact / average.


5. Dimensional details of packages / Materials.

a. Minimum dimensional specifications and weight.
b. Maximum dimensional specifications and weight.
c. Average dimensional specifications and weight.


6. What are the material characteristics.

Hydroscopic, Corrosive, Abrasive, Explosive, Flammable.


7. Conveyor Functionality:

a. Shock Impact Loading: Yes / No
b. No. of starts-stops under full load per hour.
c. Conveyor reversibility.
d. No. of working hours per day.
e. Material of Construction: Stainless Steel, Aluminium.
f. Operating Conditions.
g. Conveyor Length, Width and Working Height.


8. Hygiene Requirements: Cleaning medium


Kindly contact us for any additional information.

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