In any supply chain facility, one of the most important and often the most neglected area is the loading and unloading dock area. The facility may have the best of the systems in place within the warehouse but if the infrastructure that brings in and takes out the material to and from the facility is not organized properly, the facility as a whole fails to function to the efficiency it has been designed for.


In other words, the dock area can be the bottleneck in the complete system if not addressed properly. Typically the material that comes in can be either in palletized form or it can be in the form of loose cargo. Handling palletized goods is relatively easy as the usage of Dock Levelers and dock lifts in conjunction with fork Trucks and hydraulic pallet jacks can ease out the loading and unloading operations to a great extent.

The loading and unloading operations attain a completely different level of difficulty when cargo to be handled is primarily loose cargo i.e. cartons/totes/sacks. Also in many industry segments, the cargo may come in palletized but might go out in loose form.

The loading and unloading operations, especially at a express parcel hub are at an altogether different level, considering the extremely tight time schedules that these facilities have to operate in. Just a thought of handling close to 10000 to 12000 parcels in a time span of 3-4 hours is something that can rattle even the most experienced person.

This is precisely where a Caljan Rite Hite telescopic conveyor can ease out the troubles at the dock top a great extent.


This marvel of engineering is an extremely flexible piece of equipment that can handle any kind of
vehicle, from the smallest Light Commercial Vehicle to a 40 feet long trailer. With the standard load
carrying capacity pegged at 50 kg/meter, any load that can be safely carried by a person can be carried by this equipment.

The idea behind Caljan Telescopic Conveyor is very simple. Installed close to the door, a number of steel sections are built one inside the other and stored in a base section in much the same way as a telescope. When a lorry or truck pulls up to the door, the operator extends the conveyor using the joystick on the side of the machine. The sections extend to reach inside the trailer.

The belt automatically travels with the conveyor, so that when the operator reaches the loading/unloading area, the Caljan Telescopic Conveyor is in place, ready for action. The operator slides each box onto the tip of the conveyor. The belt transports the item along its length, where it either continues to another conveyor or is offloaded, depending on whether Caljan Telescopic Conveyor is installed as a stand-alone unit or as part of an automated logistics solution.
When not in use this machine is a compact unit.


Written by : Mr.Vivek Modak



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